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Why Alignable is Important to Small Business Owners

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

As current social media platforms are maturing, there's a junior platform that's becoming more prominent. Small business owners want to be represented on LinkedIn only to become lost within the sea of corporate profiles. Alignable is a scaled back micro version of LinkedIn.

Give and Get Advice

Alignable is open to thousands of small business owners,willing to share their ideas, struggles, services, and successes. The site has become a goldmine of SMB information and opinions about the various solutions that cater to small businesses.

Promote Your Business

Alignable is similar to many other social platforms where you can customize your profile business page. You can add photos, info about your products and services, your ideal customer, and everything about your business.

You can also post events and upcoming promotions, whatever your business offers.

Generate Referrals

Alignable is a great way for small business owners to get and give referrals. You can generate word-of-mouth referrals through satisfied customers and business partners online. These referrals can go a long way, because once you become “highly recommendable” you will build your credibility as a company.

Plus recommendations are one of the leading factors to business development and growth. People love taking advice from other companies and people within the industry. If you have satisfied customers then more people will want to work with you and trust in the services you provide.

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