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Website Design Basics : Choose Your Plan

  • Just the Basics

    Just the Basic Website Set-up
    • 1 page Website Design built on your domain
    • HTTPS Secure Website
    • INCLUDES: Mobile Optimization
  • Basic Plus+

    More than Just the Basics
    Valid for one year
    • INCLUDES The Basic Design Website Set-up
    • PLUS+ Logo Design and web favicon
    • Color Scheme, Graphic Design, Font choices / typography
    • Up to 5 pages
  • Well Beyond Basic

    Well Beyond the Basic Website
    • INCLUDES Basic Plus+ Website Set-up
    • Website Development and Branding concept
    • Two Brand revisions
    • Color Scheme, Graphic Design, Font choices / typography
    • Choice of custom GMail Suite or MS Office Mailbox
    • Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Best Value

    Deluxe Upgrade Suite

    Add a Deluxe Upgrade Package to Well Beyond Basic Website
    Valid for one year
    • Social Media Brand Design Bundle
    • For Print Design Bundles
    • Up to 5 more web pages for more information as needed
    • QR Codes for website, emails and business cards ( up to 10)
    • Personalized Email Set-up (GMail or Microsoft Outlook Suite)
    • Up to 6 additional Project Hours annually

Choose Your Plan

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