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Why Choose Us?
It's Where Innovation Meets Your  Goals

Today’s business is conducted almost entirely online, utilizing social media and website exposure to gain traffic. Small business owners need effective tech solutions to have a competitive edge in the market.

Optimizing website presence and social media exposure takes time, effort, and professional expertise. This is where small companies suffer the most. Unlike larger companies, they don’t have enough time to manage their SEO and update their services and web pages.

Why choose us? TechMeeter provides consulting services that can help to take your business to the next level. Our consultant will thoroughly assess your current web presence, study your social media activity, and transform your time into productivity to serve your needs best.  


Based in Lake Mary, Florida, TechMeeter assists the local small business community in Seminole, Orange, and Volusia counties.

5 Reasons Why to Use a Consultant

Here is why outsourcing web consultants like TechMeeter are highly beneficial to your organization:


They save you time.

Focus on your business processes and leave the rest to the professionals. Most small businesses spend more than 20 hours weekly on social media or trying to build their website. Why choose us? TechMeeter has the time to build your website and post on social media platforms. Who has time to maintain the website and pages?


They save you money.

Small business owners don’t have the resources to hire a full-time social media manager or a web expert. Save by not buying useless web design tools by hiring a web consultant by the hour or the project. Why choose us? You'll have more control over the cost.


They have more experience.

When you choose web consultants, you are able to hire specialists whose daily objective is to provide you with the latest solutions by keeping up with the current trends. Why Choose us? TechMeeter is constantly following the latest trends in consumer technology.


They help you attract more clients.​

Modern companies utilize their web presence and social media to sell their products or services. Small business owners can level the playing field by doing the same thing at scale. Engaging with the audience on social media and providing customer landing pages shows your pride in your company. Why choose us? Outsourcing to a web consultant will help your company blossom online.


They make sure the transition is smooth.​

The web consultant can design a plan requiring minimal downtime and zero data loss. Whether moving from one web platform to the next or redesigning your web pages. Why choose us? TechMeeter will keep your business moving so that productivity doesn’t drop.

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