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Navigating rapid tech changes, like website redesign, can be daunting. TechMeeter Business Solutions, with over 30 years in business management and sales, simplifies this for you. We specialize in Business & IT Consulting for startups and individuals aiming for self-employment. Let us guide your new venture with expert advice and time-saving solutions. Start your business journey confidently. Book your free consultation today. #TechMeeterSolutions #StartUpSuccess

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My Story

My name is Lenny Leger, creator of TechMeeter Business Solutions, where we transform small business technology from a challenge into an asset. Since 2016, I've been specializing in creating custom websites and offering tailored tech solutions that align perfectly with your business goals.


Based in Lake Mary, FL, and serving all of Central Florida, I'm fully equipped to assist clients remotely across the U.S. What makes TechMeeter unique? I don’t just deliver services; I build relationships. I'll meet with you personally, ensuring that I understand your vision before crafting your dream website.


Plus, I will prioritize your security with top-notch cyber-security measures. With TechMeeter, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a local, reliable tech partner who truly cares about your business success.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.and discover how I can help you succeed.


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