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It's a Google Earth We Live On

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Twenty years ago, no one ever heard of Google. When Google hit the World Wide Web in the late Nineties, everyone who was online at the time were too busy with AOL's chatroom feature, Yahoo! email, and Ask Jeeves.

Google icon

If You're Not on Google, You Don't Exist

Today, Google has entered into our daily lexicon, becoming synonymous for the word "search". When consumers are searching for local businesses, they usually reach into their pockets and Google up the nearest relevant keyword regarding what they want. Your business absolutely needs to be found by a basic search.

The Basics

When creating your business, you need to:

  • Establish yourself with Google to optimize the search results.

  • Google My Business will get you on the map making it easier for consumers to find your door.

  • Utilize the power of GMail and GSuite, a powerful toolbox for everyday office needs.

  • Buy a domain name with Google Domains and create a web page.

By deeply embedding your business name into the web using Google, the likelihood of being found increases immensely.

Google, Be My Guide

Consumers are looking for you, be sure that they can find you.

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